Ravage – The End Of Tomorrow

RAVAGE has gone to the school of metal, and graduated with such soaring instrumentation and song writing skills.  Add on some extra credit, and RAVAGE unleashes a ton of groove, and also has the ability to spit some rapid fire riffs!  Influentially, you definitely hear a ton of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Helloween, and RAVAGE pulls this sound off pretty well.

The title track, “The End Of Tomorrow” gives those harmonized metallic guitars that we all love, and RAVAGE really shows off their shredding in this one.  The dual guitar solos, shimmering melody, and interesting vocal work of Al Ravage, and RAVAGE is on a rampage. “Grapes Of Wrath” is another great jam that gallops along with metal glory.  Showing a more traditional thrash approach, “Grapes Of Wrath” catches the listener with all its loud distortion, chunk chords, and excellent song structure.  All in all, The End Of Tomorrow is a solid metal album, both paying homage to the heroes of heavy metal, and helping to keep the NWOBHM wheel turning. 

The End Of Tomorrow is a fun listen, and seriously shreds.  Fans of old and new should have no problem adapting.  Also, artwork was created by Ed Repka, who is also known for his amazing artwork for Death and Megadeth.  Make sure you sew your RAVAGE patch on your jean jacket, and wear it proudly.  These guys are here to stay, and RAVAGE just added a ton of excitement into the NWOBHM.

RAVAGE - The End Of Tomorrow frontcover

Rating: 7.5/10
Label: Metal Blade
Website: http://www.myspace.com/swwr

By Alex Gilbert

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