BANG TANGO To Appear at Malone’s Bar and Grill Friday, April 6th!

With the demise of The Galaxy in Santa Ana (where ownership changed hands to someone that is totally clueless, in regards to booking real music, read: 70s/80s hard rock/metal), Malone’s Bar and Grill has been picking up their slack. Slowly, but surely, building up a loyal following of patrons, promoter Jackie Davis has been pretty consistent in booking an even level of original bands and cover/Tribute Bands. Finally, however, she is really going full speed ahead by bringing in the bands Bang Tango (this Friday) and Hurricane next month. There is also promise that this trend will continue with other name acts coming into the venue in months to come.

Bang Tango formed in 1987 pretty much at the tail end of the whole Sunset Strip/hair metal infestation. Although the band did poof up a hair a bit and reach into their girlfriends makeup bags they really cannot be considered a Hair Metal act. The image was pretty much the pre-requisite at the time.  But, they were more inspired by bands like The Rolling Stones and The Kinks than KISS or The New York Dolls.

I believe BT came around a bit too late, however.  Although signed by MCA, the record company did not truly push Bang Tango to their potential, failing to back the band in a way they truly deserved. While a large number of signed acts moved onto great levels of fame, Bang Tango pretty much fell by the wayside. Their debut endeavor, Psycho Cafe did receive a fair amount of airplay by then-hot bed of radio KNAC and their single “Someone Like You” was frequently seen on MTV TV. The band still somehow fell by the wayside.

Led by the broken-glass dipped in Jack Daniels lungs of Joe Leste, one of the best frontmen out there, the band really did their best to keep their head above water. But, business being business, they eventually folded up shop and went their separate ways. Here and there, over the years, however, Leste would still put together a line-up of Bang Tango, albeit it different members. He also put together another band worthy of greater success than what they received: Beautiful Creatures, with DJ Ashba, now with Guns ‘n Roses. They had a terrific debut outing and a decent sophomoric release. But, Leste keeps bringing back Bang Tango and allowing the diehard fans of yesteryears genre to relive the good old days when bands looked like true, sleazy rock stars.

The band recently released the ass-kicking Pistol Whipped in the Bible Belt. Not a ground-breaking CD but it does, however, maintain BT’s familiar blues-meets-funk style that should really go down well in a live environment. The bands current line-up is Scott LaFlamme on guitars, bassist Lance Eric, and drummer Trent Anders.

With 6 studio releases, and several Live/Greatest Hits, there will be plenty of material to draw from. The band love playing live and seem to exert the same enthusiastic level of energy regardless of whether there or 6 or 600 in attendance.

Get your tickets here.

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