T&N, Featuring Lynch, Pilson & Brown, Post Promtional Video Online

T&N (a.k.a.Tooth and Nail), the band featuring former Dokken members George Lynch (guitar) and Jeff Pilson (bass) plus current Dokken drummer Mick Brown, have released a promotional video which can be viewed here as well as below.

In the clip, Jeff Pilson states that T&N’s material will be spread over two albums.

According to KNAC’s website, when Pilson was asked if T&N is Dokken without Don, the bassist replied, “I think I’ve explained that. Don’t think of this as Dokken without Don… that’s misleading. Think of it as a band with great chemistry coming up with new music that excites them, and also paying tribute to Dokken – music which the members all are heavily invested in emotionally.”

As previously reported Tooth and Nail were forced to change their name to T&N because of legal reasons.

The band stated, “We cannot keep [the name] as Tooth And Nail as there is a label that has it trademarked. [Fans] can still call us To$%h And Na$l… We can’t.”

T&N’s debut album is expected later in the year.

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