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Fifi LaRue is a Los Angeles based shock rock band in the tradition of KISS and Alice Cooper. If you are a member of the MetalSludge message board, you’re probably already familiar with the group. SMNnews caught up with Fifi (the lead singer) to clear the air about a few things and ask about their recent and controversial performance at a KISS expo.


People who follow underground rock in Los Angeles already know you guys but mainstream success has eluded you. Anvil had a popular documentary made about them and much about their career has paralleled yours. The publicity generated from their documentary has done wonders for Anvil lately. Are there plans for a Fifi LaRue movie?

I just did a documentary interview with a Hollywood production company filming for a new movie called La La Land: The Movie which is going to be all about the new scene here and not just music but everything including acting, weird lifestyles, and comedy in Hollywood!

As far as a Fifi Larue movie, I have had a few offers from a few people to film me on a daily basis! I am a real T.V. reality whore! ABC was considering me to go live with a family for a few weeks in full costume for one of their shows!

When you watched Anvil’s story, did it hit home?

I never saw their interview or movie.  I maybe heard or seen a commercial but if they aren’t wearing clown make-up, why would you think it would interest me?

You have a one of a kind stage look. How did you come up with it?

“One of A KIND!” I do have a one of a kind glitter coffin that I bring on stage. My look is more like KISS meets Alice Cooper but a lot of people think I ripped-off  King Diamond. If anything, it’s a homage to Ace Frehley because to this day, I’ve never listened or have bought any King Diamond albums. I never thought King Diamond looked cool plus he ripped Gene Simmons off!  My Make-up design is actually two dragon knives going down both of my eyes. I love dragon knives! I Kill everything with them! I think? O.J. Simpson used a dragon knife! It is a pretty messy Knife! 🙂

You recently played a KISS convention and it seemed like the turn out was bad. Did the event not get promoted right?

I don’t know, is 350 people a bad audience or turn out? It’s better than a 100. It should have been 500 to 1,000 but what do you want on a Sunday afternoon… a sold out show??? Hahaha…

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A lot of people know the band from your appearance on reality shows. Do you think this has helped or hurt the band’s image?

It’s helped me tremendously! You know of me now right?  I know most of all the reality producers now and they all know I’m easy to work with. I see T.V. and Radio the best avenue to take for me and my band. You have all these bands who go on national tours vans and still play dive bars everyday! Still, nothing ever happens for them! except their egos! Do they think that they have accomplished something? I’m like a big hemorrhoid! Everytime you hear or see me on radio and T.V. you are either loving it or hating it and that’s the best reaction I can get for this band! Free T.V.  and free radio exposure doesen’t come easy for other bands but it just comes easy to me.

You were on an episode of Simmons Family Jewels where Shannon Tweed goes to your mom’s house to try and buy some KISS memorabilia off of you. Was that completely staged?

I was on two  episodes and they were not staged! The way it all happened would suprise you. I was informed by a producer that someone was doing a documentary on KISS fans. Who else is a bigger fan than me? He then came to my house with a hand held camera so I thought the guy was setting me up to jack my shit since he was filming my entire collection! He came back a few days later to do the real filming for the show.  He told me someone would be knocking at my door and the next thing I knew it was Shannon and Sophie Tweed and Gene’s daughter!  They did really come to buy stuff from me. I ended up giving everything they needed to them for free. It was for Gene Simmons’ show but those two episodes ended up being all about Fifi Larue.

Your KISS connections run deep. Didn’t you do some work for Eric Singer at his house?

Not that deep actually. I didn’t sleep with anyone… haha! I am a custom licensed commecial painter so that’s why my stage props always look cool. Anyway, I have painted a lot of celebrity homes and yes, I painted Eric Singers house. I also painted C.C. Devilles house and did some work for Gilby Clarke.  I even painted a house once owned by Jane Mansfield. That was pretty crazy since I do love my women without their heads…haha!

If a popular band offered you a position, would you take it?

Do you mean to paint their houses or to be in their band? Just kidding. If KISS needed a new singer I could be the “5″ Beatle in the band!  How about Alice Cooper’’s side kick?  After all, “I am the Bastard Son of Alice Cooper!”

What’s the groupie situation like right now on the Sunset Strip?

I haven’t been up there for awhile. I do too much T.V. and radio stuff lately.  I just was asked last week to be a judge on Playboy’s Sirius Radio morning show. It was to judge a sexiest Playmate Halloween costume thing. Life is hard being a killer clown but someone’s got to do it. So no, I haven’t had time to go to the Strip lately.

Is The Rainbow still the place to be?

It’s better than going to Disneyland because it’s still free.

Of all the rockstars you’ve met in your career, which ones were the coolest and which ones blew you off?

Chris Holmes was the coolest by far! I met Alice Cooper at Ryan Roxies house when I was painting there and he said, “see you later son!”  Calico Cooper is a cool chick for being the daughter of a legend!

Eric Singer is a down to earth guy until you get him in his cat make-up. Derek Sherinian from Dream Theater and Billy Idol’s band has always been cool to me. He once told me,’ “Fifi, the more notes you know how to play the bigger the house you will live in!” I painted his house too and I was luckly enough to meet Zakk Wylde there too. I showed Zakk how to stain a cabinet…haha.

What do you have to say about the Fifi haters on MetalSludge.TV?

I have to thank them all! Where else can you get a whole bunch of idiots together to just promote Fifi LaRue?

What’s next on the recording and live show agenda?

I’m working on my new album called The Clown Flu. You know I got to get into this flu thing. I’m a big reality whore.  Even if it’s just local T.V., you know The Clown Flu is coming…

We are playing and headlining a show on Halloween night in a place in downtown Long Beach and it will be a FREE show!

By Dwid Koller

Here is footage of Fifi LaRue’s KISS expo performance:

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