Heavy Metal: Caught Somewhere Through Time

If you could go back through time where would you go? Well if you wanted to listen to heavy metal you couldn’t go back very far. The earliest true recognition of rock n’roll was during Elvis’s time,and the Beatles. The heavy metal era wasn’t truly born until the late sixties into the early seventies. Rock gods like Led Zepplin, Steppenwolf, Black Sabbath were the pioneers of metal in my opinion.

Iron Maiden’s song Caught Somewhere in Time is going to be my muse for this article. Are you ready for your Magic Carpet Ride, so to speak?

Throughout history music has been used from everything like everyday living, culture, art, writing, and even religious practices. The beating of the drums signifies the mighty thunder of the gods, and the wind instruments symbolize their gentle kiss upon the earth. Early man made music to please these gods, to satisfy the need to survive, beating drums for good luck on the hunt and heighten their awareness.

The Vikings kept in time with drums to steer their magnificent ships, the first pirates of the seas. Alestorm nailed it with the song Back Through Time, about going into the past six hundred years to steal the Vikings gold. I’ll bet it was their love of music that they went back in time for. The deep bellow of ancient drums, the horns that carried out their desire for Odin and Thor to hear their call. Bagpipes played old Celtic songs for William Wallace as he went into battle fighting for the freedom of Scotland. Today bands like Eluveitie, Leaves Eyes, and Arkona utilize the bagpipes beautiful sound that carries our minds back to the time of the Celts. When life was a time of simplicity, and a time for drinking. Mead and ale were the most popular in taverns, wine the beverage of choice by nobility. Korpiklaani have some of the best metal songs about drinking, that inspires me to want to sit in a tavern with a big frothy pint of ale. Or as Alestorm puts it, Wenches and Mead.

Heavy metal not only takes you into the past, but it can take you to places that can only exist within our imaginations. In fairy tales it is but our very dreams that come to life, to enchant us, to give us a sense of adventure. The bands Fairyland and Rhapsody of Fire take us into other realms, where their are great knights, wizards, fair maidens and dragons. Great battles are won and heroes live on to fight another day, and they always get the girl. A time and place that is created with metal to leave you to feel that there is such a thing as ‘happily ever after’. It’s that incredible feeling after you’ve left the best concert of your life, and your still singing along with the ringing in your ears, the thrill of the crowd, and the massive adrenaline rush that still surges through your veins from being in the pit.

Metal feeds us. It gives us what we can’t get with any other type of music. It transports us to other times, it lets us feel like we’re in enchanted lands, and it gives us the feeling we’re immortals. Because there can be only one, and that’s metal, hard, heavy, drums, or bagpipes, we bleed red, and we bleed metal foreverĀ  ever after.

Metal transcends time, forwards or backwards, past or present. It can represent an era, or can take us into the future. Iron Maiden’s latest album The Final Frontier took us into the future, so did their Brave New World album. The band Factory of Dreams has their third album Melotronical carries us to another dimension.How far away from the scifi created world are we? What will metal be like?

The future of metal lies in us all, how we think, how we live, what we dream. Heavy metal courses through our veins, were we chose to take it is within our imaginations, and it can carry us to anywhere in time, if we listen.

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