Metal Music Actually Relieves Pain… Duh!

Next time you burn your finger when the fatty starts burning low or burning your lips hittin the roach when it’s down to a nub, turn on the metal!  Actually, you should have that shit on even if you’re not burning yourself.  Anyways, there’s been a study done and metal music has proven, yet again, that it heals all wounds.

Five doctors at the center — part of the Department of Anesthesiology — discovered that when volunteers were busy listening to and engaging with music, they were distracted from mild pain. The study results were published in the December issue of the provocatively named Journal of Pain.

They introduced a painful stimulation to the fingertips for 153 volunteers, then recorded the reactions.

The volunteers then listened to simple melodies and tones through a headset. They were asked to tell the researchers when those melodies deviated from what was expected. The music they listened to was developed by Miguel Chuaqui, chair of the composition program at the U. School of Music.

When the volunteers were busy listening to and engaging with music, they were distracted from the pain they felt in their fingertips, the research showed.

“Pain has a psychological component. The more you think about your pain, the more pain you have,” said Carlene J. Brown, an associate professor of music and director of the music therapy program at Seattle Pacific University. “Anything that can interrupt that [decreases] pain.”

Both Brown and Bradshaw say there is no single piece of music that will help all people.

Heavy metal music does “rev people up,” he said, and it can be useful for “sharp, acute, intense pain, in an invasive procedure.”

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