BECOMING THE ARCHETYPE Release Remix EP ‘Celestial Progression’

Becoming The Archetype have released a digital-only remix EP, Celestial Progression, out today on Solid State Records.

Get Celestial Completion on iTunes now:

Celestial Progression is a project that has been in the works over a year, since before Celestial Completion came out,” reveals Becoming The Archetype guitarist Seth Hecox. “All six remixes are also transformed into something completely their own. In our path of always pushing the heavy metal envelope and pursuing good music, this remix EP breaks ground on a great bridge between BTA’s music and the electronica world. One small step for BTA, one giant step for the metal-electronica marriage!”

“I’ve fallen in love with these six tracks and I know everyone who buys this album will too,” Hecox adds. “Any fan of Celestial Completion is going to be blown away and adore what these remixes bring out of their originals.”

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