Brian Wynn and Brad Fincher to Form Death Metal Project

A new death metal concoction is being put together by Brian Wynn (AKA Brain) and Brad Fincher (ex-Devourment), who are reuniting to work on a new project. The announcement from the MySpace can be found below:

“Greetings, Thanks for visiting the new site! We will be using this site for our future updates untill we establish a official band site. Brad Fincher!…confirmed! After many years Brad Fincher the original drummer for Devourment “Molesting the Depapitated” and 138 will be joining forces with me for this future band! We are very excited to both be able to rejoin forces once again! This site will be used to keep you informed on our future project in the works! We will keep you updated on our status as our creation moves forward! We are looking forward to releasing a follow up to our music we wrote with Devourment on Molesting the Decapitated in 1999 and the 138 release! The music and sound of the new project is going to be Similar to Molesting the Decapitated and 138 but much darker, fuller and crushing than our past project. Please help us spread the word! Thanks again for your support!”

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