Taintstick Taunt Old Man Rocker Sting

In an incredibly lame effort to garner publicity, TAINTSTICK are taunting ageing rocker STING in an effort to do “musical battle” with him after the singer/songwriter failed to respond to their previous challenge. The group has written:

“Hello Sting,

Based on the resounding silence emanating from the Sting camp, we can only assume that sound doesn’t travel well in ivory towers.

So, Sting, don’t want to get down and dirty? Afraid to test the weight of your global major label hype apparatus against little old upstart Taintstick? That’s fine, Sting. In this case, it does NOT take two to tango and we can start beef with or without you.

We re-issue our challenge: On October 27th, Taintstick will be crowned ascendant overlords over the vast musical realm, which you have long counted safely yours. When the dust settles, when music buyers make their voices heard, and when families across the world make ‘6lbs of Sound’, not ‘If On a Winter’s Night,’ the go-to choice for this, and any other, holiday season, we trust you will do the right thing and call it quits.

It’s still not too late to respond honorably. Draw your sword, and let us do musical battle — to the death!


P.S — You can reach us at the Suburban Noize offices. The number is 818-something, but it’s super easy to find on Google. Or better yet, MySpace us.”

TAINTSTICK are currently awaiting a response from STING’s camp, while they prepare for the release their debut album, 6lbs of Sound. The group recently announced they have recruited Good Charlotte’s Benji Madden to handle bass duties for their upcoming “World Tour”.

The group’s video for the track “Apple Juice” can be seen online below:

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