At The Coach House April 26th: TED NUGENT w/Laura Wilde

Ted Nugent. You either love him or hate him. And, you have to tip the hat to anyone that generates such an extreme reaction, either way.

Unless you are living under a rock, you should be fully aware, Mr. Nugent has ruffled a few feathers in the past week or so. Not sure why. I mean, the last I checked, this IS the United States of America, a country where all of us are free to express our opinions. Sadly, some folks got a bit upset over Nugent’s “freedom of speech.”  Hello? Is everyone missing the point here?

Anyways…………I remember the years that  Nugent could command multitudes of partying/hard-rocking disciples of extremely loud, extremely heavy, down-and-dirty rock and roll. He drew some 45,000 fans to Anaheim Stadium (with Lynyrd Skynyrd), and drove  a multitude of  250,000 crazy at Cal Jam (after lack-luster performances by Bob Welch, Heart, and Dave Mason). So let me get this right–you are going to take this maniacal, no-holds-barred musical barbarian and….oh my….put him in a small venue, such as The Coach House? Wow…….that’s like putting a rabid bear in a cardboard box. Does the word “dangerous” come to mind?

A vastly under-rated guitarist (everyone seems too caught up in his politics, to truly give this guy his due), Nugent is like the tazmanian devil. A power-keg. Forget his views, and opinions. This Detroit-based madman can shred.  He has been doing this, since most of us were in diapers, listening to Sesame Street albums. Sure, he will probably take more than his fair share of  opportunities, between songs, to preach to you,  rather than cram in two or three more songs, in his set-list. And,  often times, what he has to say may (or may not) be right. But, if you can bear thru his profanity-laced tirades, Uncle Ted will be tearing it up. There are few guarantees in life, other than taxes,  and death. Oh, and Nugent delivering a stadium full of energy, and performing such intensity, it is equal to a fucking nuclear bomb.  This is gonna be brutal.

Opener Laura Wilde is creating a (slight) bit of a stir as being the next big female kick ass rocker. But really, what does that truly mean in a world of rap and emo-garbage?  In all honesty, the rock world has always been looking for a female to deliver on the level of, oh say, a Ted Nugent. She is a decent singer and can play guitar, at best, on a passable level.  If she was a male, she would be tossed aside. As a female, I guess she is allowed a bit of flexibility. Bottom line, Ms. Wilde is some 25 years too late, in proving females can rock like the boys. She should deliver a decent set to stir up the masses. But, by the time Nugent hits the stage, she will, sadly, be quickly forgotten.

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