RUTHLESS Video Available Via Asylum Worldwide


The first ever Asylum Worldwide show has been played, filmed and edited. All that’s left now is the uploading.

Filmed last Saturday, April 21 at Count’s Vamp’d in Las Vegas, NV the four band bill, featuring Ruthless, Seventh Calling, Scarred and Vile Child proved to be an overwhelming success. Asylum Worldwide director, Steve Handel,  says, “For our first show we’re all very pleased.  The crowd turnout and reception were both amazing.  Now, we can’t wait to start working on our next projects.”

The stream, which was initially scheduled to hit at 12:01 on the morning of Friday, 27 April has now been moved back to noon on the 27th. “We had a few technical issues so we thought it would be best if we pushed things back 12 hours,” says Handel. “After all, what would one of these shows be like if it weren’t for technical issues, right?” he laughs. “Seriously, the staff at VM Entertainment (the parent company of Asylum Worldwide) takes pride in our work and we want to give the consumer their value for money so if pushing things back to make it best for you then that’s what we have to. Now, let’s rock!”

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