RONNIE MONTROSE’s Last Message To Fans Read at Tribute Concert by Widow

Ronnie Montrose’s widow has revealed a message he wrote to his fans soon before committing suicide in March, reports Classic Rock Magazine.

The public had at first been allowed to assume the guitarist’s death on March 3th was related to his prostate cancer battle, but it was later reported that police believed the tragedy was not straightforward. It was subsequently confirmed that he had shot himself in the garage at his home in San Mateo, California.

A tribute concert was held this past weekend by his former Montrose bandmate Sammy Hagar alongside Joe Satriani, Neal Schon and Steve Smith of Journey fame, Ricky Phillips of Styx, Mr Big’s Eric Martin, Kiss men Tommy Thayer and Eric Singer, Jimmy DeGrasso of Y&T and many others.

During the show Montrose’s widow Leighsa, who managed her husband, displayed his note, entitled “Words Of Musical Expression From Ronnie”.

It read: “Music is one of the most powerful and precious gifts we all share.

The best that any of us can do is try to connect with the core of what it is that drives us to express ourselves through any creative medium we choose, and bring as much of ourselves as we can to that process.

I have chosen playing guitar and composing music (or have they chosen me?) as my principal means of creative expression. For me, the work of refining that process is always ongoing.

My wish is that you find all of the pleasure and joy in listening to this music that I found in creating it.

My deepest gratitude to the incredible gifted and talented musicians who helped me to bring this music to you.


It’s not been confirmed how Montrose intended his words to be used.

Last month Leighsa said: “Ronnie had a difficult childhood which caused him to have extremely deep and damaging feelings of inadequacy. He never thought he was good enough. Now I see he didn’t want to carry these burdens for very much longer.”

Montrose did not leave a suicide note, but had texted his wife to say: “I’m so sorry. Still have the gun in my hand. I’m going on that voyage. I love you beyond measure.”

source: and Classic Rock Magazine

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