THE DEVIL’S BLOOD Gets Ripped Off and Ditched By Tour Bus Driver

The Devil’s Blood, while on the Decibal Magazine Tour, had their money stolen by their tour bus driver!

Here is what the band said on Facebook:

The Devil’s Blood hereby declare never-ending and total war upon the following individual; David “Ape” Zoglio.

This piece of shit who was supposed to have been our driver on the US tour ran off with our money after the San Antonio Ritual last night. After being told what to do for the 1000th time and still having no clue how to ride a bus, this “Ape”, as he calls himself, unable to deal with the criticism any longer ran off into down-town San Antonio and left us stranded on an intersection forcing our Tour Manager to take over the wheel. This little rat scurried off so fast that attempts to find, catch and kill it were immediately unsuccessful.

We put this info out now so that each and every one of our contacts, friends, fans and even enemies might learn his name, spread it around and make sure that this sorry excuse for a man never ever does business with anyone ever again. We have added here his personal info and a scan of his driver’s license. Feel free to repost, share, forward and catalogue for future reference. Also if anyone feels the need to vent any frustration or anger, his phone and email are noted as well…

As for you, David, you little cunt; rest assured that one day we will meet again. A curse upon your house until the day comes that my blade is on your throat.


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