Obscura Bassist Rejoins Pestilence

OBSCURA bassist Jeroen Paul Thesseling, who played on PESTILENCE’s fourth album Spheres (1993), will rejoin the Dutch death metallers PESTILENCE after a break of 15 years. Thesseling, known for his six-string fretless signature, joined the German progressive death metal band OBSCURA in late 2007 and recorded their second full-length album Cosmogenesis, released in February this year. “After such a long period of time it’s great to be part of PESTILENCE again. I’m convinced that this cooperation will result in brilliant technical death metal. In order to avoid misunderstandings I want to emphasize that I will continue to work with my German colleagues of OBSCURA as well.”, says Jeroen in a statement on his website.

Patrick Mameli stated:

I’m very happy to welcome Jeroen once more to the Pestilence camp. Also a big thanks goes out to Tony Choy, who succesfully participated on the ‘Resurrection’ album and tour. We all wish him the best of luck in the future!!! Tony is just too busy that we had to find a suitable replacement. I’m convinced that Jeroen, just like Tony on ‘Resurrection’ , will put his signature on this new Pestilence album, that fans really don’t have to compare these two great bass players with eachother. Both have a great style. Also, I would like to stress that, by no means, this collaboration with Jeroen, will result in a ‘Spheres’ part 2, since this is not our goal. Our goal is to create the most brutal and technical Pestilence album ever. I’m currently composing new songs with the 8 string IBANEZ, which will give Pestilence a new dimension in our own style. Keywords: Low, chuncky and a-tonal morbidity!!! So be ready to be blown away!!!

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