DAITRIBE Post Third Video Installment

DaiTribe recently released their new album Epochalypse A.D. via True Gemini records. Today the band has posted the third in a series of videos where they go through the album track by track and discuss the music. This installment covers the final four songs on the album: “For the Sins”, “This Hell”, “Redemption”, and “Liar Messiahs”. Check it out below and at this location.


The first installment of the video series covers the first four tracks on the album: “Betray”, “Control”, “Lost By Distance” and “My Eyes”. Check out the first video here.

The second installment of the video series covers the tracks: “Sanctuary”, “I Hate Me”, “Crime Legacy”, and “No Hopes” and can be viewed here

Epochalypse A.D. is available now to order here.

DaiTribe are giving away a free download of their new single “I Hate Me”. The track can be accessed by “liking” the band on Facebook. Head to www.facebook.com/daitribe and click “Like”, then on the top of the page the DaiTribe app will appear. Once you click on that, you will be prompted to download your free mp3 of “I Hate Me”.

DaiTribe’s new video for their first single entitled “I Hate Me” can be viewed below as well as HERE.



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