A Metal Lesson: S&M Style

I lost my virginity to Let Me Put My Love Into You, by AC/DC. I was thirteen, the boy was fifteen. It was a surreal time in my life, and if I knew then what I knew now…

You can’t forget the iconic saying of Sex, Drugs, and Rock n’Roll. It rolls off the tongue quite easily does it not? Well this article is simply about the ‘Sex in Rock n’ Roll’ or I should say the ‘heavy metal’. It goes together like peanut butter n’ jelly.
Today I’m inspired by the lovely and talented author Tiffany Reisz, and her book entitled The Siren. A great read, make sure to get a copy, fast.

Sex and Heavy Metal have been intertwined like new lovers throughout history. Musicians write about sex probably more often than anything else. They think of their own sirens, past, or present ones. The women they’ve had, the women they’d wished they hadn’t, and the women they yearn to have. I’m sure it goes the reversal, I know I’ve written plenty of songs that relate to sex, or a former lover that was burned into memory.

Music itself plays a key role in harnessing intense feelings deep inside ourselves, and causing our minds to wonder of sexual trysts, and carnal pleasures. The deep beat of the drums causes a steady rhythm that replicates the motion between two people in the midst of such said pleasures. Keeping in time, each beat is each thrust into the one you harbor intense lustful feelings for. When your in the mood for such heavy rhythmic drums try Moonspell’s song Butterfly FX, trust me, it will not only get you in the mood but you’ll easily keep counter thrusting in time.

So now that you have your rhythm. Why not the deep lustful sound of the bass? The bass if you listen closely resembles that of the deep throaty moans of ecstasy. The bass is not as much as a consisting repetition so much as it is the soft sounds that only come when you know you’ve hit the right spot. One of my favorite songs that gives me that feeling of “ooh yeah” is Kiss Me Undead by The 69 Eyes. You can hear those distant moans of the bass, it’s subtle but so is moaning face down in a pillow.

The rhythm guitar is also one that helps you ‘keep up the pace’ so to speak. The steady fast pace when two people are hot and sweaty, building up that tension between them. It may only be moments or it may be hours depending on ones stamina that keeps you joined together in rhythmic harmony. The rhythm guitar sets the pace of the entire song, that constant urgency that has you tapping along or slapping along, depending on what your doing. The best band in my opinion for best rhythm hands down is Iron Maiden, any song really, Run to the Hills is a perfect example but for this particular theme I would have to go with the song Hooks In You, it has a very S&M quality about it.

While your on this rhythmic journey towards ecstasy, you have your steady beat of the drums, the deep moan of the bass, and keeping pace with the rhythm guitar to put you over the threshold you have the urge to scream out in outburst of the deepest release that you’ve built up for the last few minutes, or in the last hours. A mind blowing experience is not alone when you hear the squeal of the lead guitars. When guitarists hit those high notes it makes my toes curl. It’s the orgasmic release of the ‘G’ cord sometimes that really gets me off, like the ┬ápreverbial ‘G spot’ being strummed. There are sooo many bands with excellent guitarists that I don’t think I could honestly pick between them, but I will pull an example of a song to fit our theme. The artist Wednesday 13 is one of my favorites, I love everything this genius of a man does, even his country music alter ego. His band the Murderdolls is mostly known for their macabre antics and lyrics, but the song Let’s Fuck says it all. It’s short and sweet like a quickie, but the screech of the guitar is like its own sound of the professional porn star, or the best sex sounds you’ve ever heard in your life.

Aside from the music itself the song lyrics are a fundamental part of setting the mood. Yes, I know the article already has its orgasm, but this article is going to be multiorgasmic, it may even squirt if you read it real good. Words drip from the mouths of the frontman or woman like honey. Even if the lyrics aren’t even sexually based, the way the words are expressed in song has just as arousing impact even if it’s not sexually explicit at all. My favorite male singer is Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden, great singer. But he vocals alone doesn’t get me as excited as Jyrki69 from The 69 Eyes. He has a voice that makes me want to purr just listening to him. He doesn’t even have to sing about sex, he could sing his ABC’s and I would still melt. When he starts cooing lyrics in French like the song Dance D’Amour I’m ready. It sends me into fits really. My favorite sexy female voice would belong to Cristina Scabbia of Lacuna Coil. She is more beautiful in person than on the cover of a magazine.

Lyrics tell a story as much as any novel, only shorter, to the point, and with deep descriptions that are conveyed through prose, describing emotions. Some lyrics are similar to some of the Penthouse forum letters men swear that’s why they buy the magazine. I enjoy the letters as well, and I used to write plenty of steamy letters to my former lovers, as well as steamy lyrics. Song lyrics set us free, they help to describe what’s inside that we as humans have difficulty getting our feelings out or points across. Lyricists set a fantasy in our minds, taking us on an emotional and sometimes erotic journey. There are too many songs that have been written simply about sex, lust, the pleasure and the pain of S&M to choose from. So of course I’m going to pick a couple of my favorites. I have to refer to The 69 Eyes again on this one, even though I can’t choose just one song in particular because I love them all I’ll use Perfect Skin as an example. Another band that has the best lyrics to put you in the mood is Moonspell’s Scorpion Flower, it’s not as blatantly lustful as it is poetically charged with deep passion and the desire, it leaves you wanting more.

Sex starts in the mind. Heavy Metal charges the mind. It puts us in a place that only music can create. A mindset that exists within our imagination. That which takes us not only to the heights of carnal pleasures, but brings us to such a fulfillment that you can’t even archive with an ordinary orgasm. Metal is not only for our mind, but for our heart, and for our soul.

Heavy Metal isn’t just about the music, it’s about the heights of pleasure that causes the orgasm of our minds, it’s about the journey to such heights…

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