The Red Chord – Fed Through The Teeth Machine

There is a big difference between leaders and followers.  Case in point with THE RED CHORD who continues to set the pace in extreme metal, being quite the influence on many up and comers a.k.a. copy cats.  You can’t really label THE RED CHORD as just extreme because they are much more than that.  The beauty of their metal expertise is that with every way THE RED CHORD attacks, it’s all coming at full force.  Their reign as leaders continues with one of the year’s best, with Fed Through The Teeth Machine.  I absolutely love the innovative guitar work, and THE RED CHORD continues to progress further.

Opening with “Demoralizer”, the song is fast, punishing, and brutality done right.  Insane drum blasts compliment the guitar riff fury, and for opening up Fed Through The Teeth Machine, THE RED CHORD really steps on the gas.  Getting deeper into the teeth machine, the intro in “Embarrasment Legacy” contains my favorite guitar work from THE RED CHORD, and the monstrous riffs are layered perfectly with yup, more monstrous riffs.  This song has got it all, and THE RED CHORD’s shifts tempos without a sweat.  I mean, from a steady verse stomp to hyper speed grind, THE RED CHORD keeps your attention, and that’s for damn sure.  Other songs such as “One Robot To Another” and “Face Area Solution” are as punishing as ever with schizophrenic speeds, bone crushing instrumentation, and a straight to the face approach.  Other tunes such as “Sleepless Nights In The Compound” expand the band’s experimentation with some great time signatures, flying fretboard work, and while they are one of those band’s that does everything superb, they always make sure they are as heavy as can be.

THE RED CHORD are as brutal, technical, progressive, poetic, and just simply as smart as anyone.  Guy Kozowyk’s vocals are still as thunderous as ever, and his delivery unleashes just as much intensity as the music puts in.  They don’t give a fuck.  They play the music they want to hear, play it heavy, and get the masses involved in the mix.  THE RED CHORD has risen to the next level.

THE RED CHORD - Fed Through The Teeth Machine

Rating: 9/10
Label: Metal Blade

By Alex Gilbert

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