ALL SHALL PARISH: 80 Fans Getting Sued for Illegal Downloading Despite the Band’s Objections

According to an article by Nic Huber at MetalInjection, a lawsuit was filed last month by the Central American publishing company who owns the licensing rights for All Shall Perish’s music.   On April 20, World Digital Rights filed a lawsuit in Florida against 80 IP addresses who downloaded and shared the band’s latest album, This Is Where It Ends, on BitTorrent. The lawsuit is seeking $150,000 in punitive damages, in hopes that it will scare its defendants into settling out of court for way less.  The band, the bands manager and attorney are wanting none of this to happen.

Here is what All Shall Perish’s manager Ryan Downey told TorrentFreak:

The band’s attorney made it clear to the licensing people [at Nuclear Blast Records] that the band wanted no part in lawsuits against fans. The industry is changing, illegal downloading is troublesome for bands and of course, for record labels, but whatever the solution will be – streaming, subscription, Kickstarter, new ways of looking at it entirely, whatever comes about – the band and I are in agreement (as is their lawyer) that SUING MUSIC FANS SURE ISN’T IT.

We were informed [Wednesday] by Nuclear Blast that they would tell World Digital to dismiss all of this. Furthermore, we have pressed (yet again) to ensure the copyright registration returns to the band as owners of all recordings, as nobody else had the right to register the band’s copyrights as World Digital seems to have either done or attempted at some point.

The band, their attorney and myself have and will continue to take any steps to protect their fans, yes, even those who file trade. The band would prefer that their fans legally purchase, stream or otherwise enjoy their music. But they definitely have not, will not and do not wish to sue their fans.

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