Vocalist Edu Falaschi announced that he has departed Brazilian power/progressive metal band Angra. He also announced that Felipe Andreoli is no longer with his band Almah. Falashi posted the following note on his official website:

“Dear friends, fans and partners,

“There comes a moment in a man’s life when it is necessary to make a radical decision in order to move forward with dignity and renewed energy.

“I’m in a very happy moment, where now, at age 40, I’m fulfilled and incredibly satisfied to have succeeded in making almost all my personal and professional dreams come true.

“I have a beautiful family, many wonderful friends and fans who have followed me for over 20 years and a lasting career with more than 15 albums released, several world tours and thousands of copies sold worldwide.

“I am a lucky person to have made it this far, singing Heavy Metal and been around the planet playing the music I love the most.

“I’ve been thinking for some time now, about the path to follow and finally came to the conclusion that it is time to take the more natural road.

“It is with a mixture of relief, joy and sadness that I have to declare that from today on I am not the voice of ANGRA anymore, I’m leaving the band already missing a lot of what we built together, specially the happy times of Rebirth and Temple of Shadows. I will never forget everything that we experienced from good to bad times, after all we must always look at the good side of things, even when things are most difficult.

“I am eternally grateful for those 10 years of many victories and for all the opportunities given to me, I wish them luck on their journeys.

“Whenever they want or need I will be around and ready to support them! I am and will always be very proud of our history! My life is music and music is the food to my soul. I have many plans and projects for the future! Some of them are already well established, strong and generating excellent results and so, they demand and deserve my full dedication, and of all the people involved in it. That’s why I also want to announce that Felipe Andreoli is not the Almah’s bass-player anymore! He will keep working only with Angra and his other projects!

“I will go on with my ideals and my career as a singer, songwriter and producer. Thank you all, with love…

Edu Falaschi”

Official word from Angra on the search for a new vocalist has not yet been posted. However, bassist Felipe Andreoli posted the following statement on his official website:

“The day has come to make a very difficult decision, one of the most difficult of my career: I’m leaving Almah. To give you a little perspective, I’ll tell you a pretty summed up story: I joined the band in 2007, a time when there was much uncertainty about the future of Angra. Edu, Aquiles, Fabio and I had the supposed certainty that we wanted to go on together. At the time, Edu had already recorded a debut album for Almah, and opened the door for us to get onboard what was then just a project. Much happened, and it soon became clear that there wasn’t an agreement with Aquiles and Fabio regarding future plans, and the band changed its line-up, with Marcelo Barbosa, Marcelo Moreira and Paulo Schroeber joining it. With this line-up we did two records that I just love, we played several cities in Brazil, went to Japan to promote the work, and always did everything with our own hands, from the musical to the bureaucratic and financial stuff. The project was no longer just that, but a proper band. Even the difficulties imposed by the physical distance between us were always surpassed for a greater good, which was Almah. So it was, and is until today.

“I started playing with Edu in 2001, when I joined Angra. We achieved great things, we got to explore the world together, went through the best and worst things imaginable together. A great friendship blossomed, and with it a unity, a harmony. Over the years, this friendship has survived the most diverse situations, but like any relationship, suffered an inevitable wear. The facts do not matter now. We played together for 11 years, building a history of which I am very proud, but this story has an end, at least for now. It’s time for each of us to keep working the way we think is right, which inevitably puts us on separate paths. Almah was born from Edu, it’s his child and, in my opinion, his greatest creation. I’m sure I’ve contributed much to the band’s growth and development, and I’ve worked really hard for that. But my philosophy of work and life no longer allows me to continue.

“The legacy of Almah in my life will always be the friendship, good atmosphere, and the great music that we made. And because I want to preserve those memories, I feel it’s time to go. To my friends, all the luck! Be sure you can always count on me.

“At the same time Edu leaves Angra. Much has happened in recent years, and especially in recent months, culminating in this day. It is a very sad day, of profound changes in our careers, but at the same time is the beginning of a necessary and welcome renewal. Life happens in cycles, and I think it is a mistake to stick to the past and prevent new paths to be traced. Music as art depends a lot on passion, an almost unhealthy dedication, and a good mood to be created. Therefore, it makes sense that when this is no longer happening, maybe it’s time to stop and seek different trails, even if at that moment everything seems hazy, uncertain. For a great talent there will always be a way. Thank you, Edu, for the years we’ve spent together!

“At the moment all I want is to go keep on with Angra and the other projects that I play in, teaching, producing albums, and never stop making music.”

Source:  by CROMCarl with MetalUnderground.com


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