KATANA Streaming New Album “Storms of War”

Katana is now streaming their newest album Storms of War at Terrorizer.com. A link to the stream can be found on the main page and will appear in a pop-up window)

Storms of War is scheduled for North American release on June 19th.

Storms of War Cover Art & Track Listing:

  • 1, The Reaper
  • 2, Wrath of the Emerald Witch
  • 3, Kubilai Khan
  • 4, The Samurai Returns
  • 5, City on the Edge of Forever
  • 6, No Surrender
  • 7, In the Land of the Sun
  • 8, The Gambit
  • 9, Modesty Blaise
  • 10, The Wisdom of Emond’s Field




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