HEARTLESS Has Van Broken Into in Portland

Heartless has issued the following statement about the band’s van being broken into during a Portland tour stop:

“As some of you might already know, the van being used by us and Dead In The Dirt was broken into last night in Portland.

“Several personal bags containing computers, passports, and most of our band fund are gone. This is a shitty situation, but it is a risk we face everyday, and we are thankful it was not worse.

“This sets us back in so many ways, so we ask that you please do what you can to support the rest of this tour so that we can get back on our feet and carry on with the rest of the things we have planned for the year. The rest of the dates are posted here.”

The upcoming dates for the tour are as follows:


  • 31 Sacramento, CA @ Oak Park Boiz House


  • 1 Fresno, CA @ The Bel-Tower
  • 2 Pomona, CA @Aladdin’s Jr.
  • 3 Riverside, CA @Maya’s Cafe
  • 4 Escondido, CA@ The Metaphor
  • 5 Tijuana, MX @ The Red Room
  • 6 Las Vegas, NV @ Yayo Taco
  • 7 Tucson, AZ @ The Pound
  • 8 El Paso, TX @ The Love Sprout
  • 9 San Antonio, TX @ 1011
  • 10 Mcallen, TX @ Buck’s Pizza
  • 11 Corpus Christi, TX @ SKO
  • 12 Houston, TX @ Walter’s
  • 13 New Orleans, LA @ Siberia
  • 14 Panama City, FL @ A & M Theatre
  • 15 Tallahassee, FL @ Ghazi House
  • 16 Tampa, FL @ Transitions Art Gallery
  • 17 Miami, FL @ The Talent Farm
  • 18 Jacksonville, FL @ Warehouse 8B
  • 19 Atlanta, GA @ Wonder Root


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