Toxic Holocaust Announces Tour With Napalm Death

TOXIC HOLOCAUST have announced a five-week North American tour alongside Napalm Death. This tour, dubbed the “Campaign For Musical Destruction 2009 Tour”, will also include Kataklysm, Abigail Williams and Trap Them as well as a stop at the New England Metal and Hardcore Fest. A complete listing of tour dates and cities can be found below.

Toxic Holocaust are touring in support of their most recent release and Relapse debut An Overdose Of Death…. The band will also take part in the free Scion Rock Fest to be held this weekend in Atlanta, GA as well as the California Metal Fest next month with Carcass, Exodus, Suffocation, and more. A complete listing of Toxic Holocaust tour dates can be found below.

Toxic Holocaust recently recorded two new tracks for a split release with Montreal’s Inepsy. Toxic Holocaust will cover the Inepsy tracks “Conspiracy WWIII” and “Bombshell Rock” for the split while Inepsy will cover two Toxic Holocaust songs. Additional information on this split will be made available via the band’s MySpace page shortly.


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