Scion Music Fest 2012 – Tampa, FL

It was perfect that this year’s Scion Music Festival was held in Tampa, Florida.  With amazing acts such as Exodus, Down, Sleep, Saint Vitus, Origin, Suffocation, etc. it’s pretty much impossible to say no to a free show of such epic proportions.  Entry was as simple as RSVP’ing on the website and showing up to pick up your wristband.  Of course thousands of ‘concertgoers’ who always say they are going signed up but only a portion of them actually showed up.  From the portion of it that I got to see, they were missing out.  The day was split up into four different venues all within eight blocks of one another.  The most popular two were The Orpheum which hosted Decapitated, Revocation, Origin, Suffocation and Exodus and The Ritz which held Church Of Misery, Witch Mountain, Saint Vitus, Sleep, and Down.  I chose the heavier of the two venues for all of the night until the end where thankfully the staggered set times allowed me to catch half of Exodus before seeing over half of Down right down the street.  Decapitated and Revocation were both stellar and stole the show at The Orpheum, while Origin brought one of the most insane crowds I have ever seen at a show.  Suffocation actually became a change of pace and actually slowed down all of the action in comparison to the prior bands.  Exodus was playing without founding guitarist Gary Holt, who is on the road with Slayer right now, played a very seemingly uninspired set of almost entirely older music.   Their usual ferocity and crowd intensity just wasn’t all there.  Down was pretty much what you would expect from the project of Phil Anselmo who is one of the biggest shit talkers in the business.  Lots of jamming, ranting and swearing with some smoking cigarettes thrown in the middle.  It was usual Down and it was still sexy.  I wish I could give you a first hand account of all of the other bands that played at other venues, but I’m not Santa Claus or John Travolta’s penis so I can’t be around all of the guys playing all at once.  I’m not going to bore you to death with details about every single song or anything, I’d much rather give you pictures and a couple of subpar videos I took of Down.












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