Ozzy Osbourne and Tony Iommi Discuss Bill Ward in Video

Singer Ozzy Osbourne has already acknowledged that Black Sabbath has “written about 15 songs so far” for their forthcoming reunion album, as we posted here yesterday, but what about about all the going’s on with the original drummer Bill Ward?

In a video interview posted by NME, Tony Iommi said, “You know we’ve tried everything with Bill at the moment and it’s just not happening. Our legal people are dealing with his legal people and it’s all nonsense. We haven’t actually heard from Bill on any of this stuff. It’s all been through his lawyers.”

“The doors open as far as I know,” adds Ozzy. “All I can I say about it is, his requests were very unreasonable and I don’t know why he request that….I don’t know, I don’t deal with the business.”

Listen to the above statements in the video below starting at 2:28.


Source:  EddieTrunk.com

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