The Ocean Confirm New Vocalist, Two Albums Out in 2010

Germany’s THE OCEAN have issued an update on their vocalist situation and the progress of their follow up to 2007’s epic double-disc master piece, Precambrian.

After many weeks in the dark, THE OCEAN have finally found a new vocalist.

“We are happy to announce Mr. Loïc Rossetti as tour new vocalist. “We are looking forward to weeks and months of intense touring in the future and a new era in the story of our lives!”

“Having Loïc in the band enables me to do what I’ve always wanted to do with this band. His voice is strong and expressive and his variety of tone and the ease with which he switches between different vocal styles really amazing. There are no limits anymore. His screams are devastating, but his most valuable quality is his singing voice, which we will employ much more on the upcoming album.”

The addition of Rossetti marks the final step in a recent development within the band: after 8 years of existence, THE OCEAN has recently been transforming from a collective into a band.  THE OCEAN has spent the better part of the year working feverishly on their upcoming two albums which are due for March and September 2010 releases. More news will follow soon.

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