Heavy MTL BOTB Winners Announced!

Montreal metal bands Dark Century and Hollow have been named the winners of this year’s En Route Heavy MTL battle of the bands that was presented by Dungeonworks Productions and Evenko this past Friday on June 8th at Théâtre Corona. Both bands will now go on to play Heavy MTL with Dark Century scheduled to perform on Saturday, August 11th and Hollow on the Sunday, August 12th at Parc Jean-Drapeau.

The final round was judged by panel of local industry that included members of VOIVOD, members of Kataklysm, Jason Rockman (Slaves on Dope), Mikey Heppner (Priestess), Mike Metal (CHOM 97.7FM), Jon Asher (Asher Media Relations/H.M.M.A.C.) & Daniel Glick of Evenko/Heavy MTL.

The En Route Heavy MTL battle of the bands took place from January to May with twenty of Montreal’s best independent metal bands showcasing their head banging fury over five rounds in front of iconic guest judges such as Jeff Waters (Annihilator), Glen Drover (ex-Megadeth), Vinny Appice (Kill Devil Hill, DIO, Black Sabbath, Heaven & Hell), Alex Skolnick (Testament, Alex Skolnick Trio) and Paul Mazurkiewicz (Cannibal Corpse).

Heavy MTL 2012 Lineup – http://www.heavymtl.com/2-lineup/index-cached.html

The bands in the final round were the following:

Dark Century
Trainwreck Architect

For more info please visit http://heavymtl.com/en/

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