FORTÉ Cancels Appearance at Warriors Of Metal Fest V

Warriors of Metal, Inc. is disappointed to announce that the Oklahoma City Speed Metal band, Forte’ has been forced to cancel their appearance at this year’s Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air on June 30th.  In an e-mail message to the organizers on June 4th, drummer and band leader, Greg Scott stated the following:

“One week ago, my brother guitarist Jeff Scott , severely injured his right knee (acl) in a work related accident,we tried to rehearse yesterday,but it clearly is more serious than we thought ,so after seeing a specialist this morning, we regret as a band that we have to cancel all live shows planned for the near future,we appreciate all the hard work you and your organization have done,we hope the festival is a great success,this is a huge blow to the band,as we have a new album out june 12,hopefully with time the knee can be rehabilitated,as there is no band without Jeff ,best of luck to all involved,we hope to return next year….Greg Scott”

We, at Warriors of Metal, Inc. hope for a speedy recovery for Jeff Scott and the opportunity to showcase Forte’ at a later date.  But for this year the festival lineup has been readjusted by the addition of the Rhode Island Heavy Metal band, Enchanter, signed to Germany’s Pure Steel Records, which has been on our waiting list for 1.5 years.  We look forward to hosting Enchanter and stand witness to all the cool new materials they have been working on lately.

Tickets for Warriors Of Metal Fest V Open Air are still available at but June 28th is the last day for the purchase of discounted advanced tickets online.  For any information regarding the festival please visit the Fest website above or



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