With L.A. Guns, Malice, and Tuff ready to perform, in the weeks to come, Malone’s continues their ever-popular nights featuring Tribute Bands nights put together by Jackie Davis with Other World Productions.

Kicking off the evening on Saturday, June 16th, at 8PM will be Tramps Like Us. Led by the charismatic vocalist/front-man Felicks Fallen, the 4-piece band cover material from the old-school days of the Sunset Strip, such as Motley Crue, Bang Tango, and Faster Pussycat. Though the band is currently at work on their own original tunes, they are meanwhile bringing back the days of yore, when bands were image-conscious, and theatrical. In addition to Fallen, the band features Drex on drums, Philip Alamaraz on bass, and Beau Briggs on guitars.

No prizes if you can guess what band Motley 2 gives the musical nod to. The LA based band will replicate the Jack Daniels-induced cockiness of Motley Crue, albeit with a slight twist. The otherwise male band is fronted by a female, Veronica Heaven. I have no doubt she will give the boys a run for their money.

Motorbreath, steamrolling out of the LA area, will be taking on all eras of Metallica. With Sam Almanza on guitars and vocals, Frank Valdez on bass, lead guitarist Erik Almanza, and drummer Danny Almanza, the band has been together for the past 2 years.

“We, as fans, know the passion that true Metallica fans have for the music,” says Danny Almanza.  ” It’s as much an honor, as it is fun, to be able to recreate the live music Metallica played through the early years from ‘Kill ’em All’, to ‘….and Justice for All.’ We look at every performance as a chance to pay tribute to Metallica and its fans by playing the music the way it was intended to.” With a multitude of Metallica tribute bands out there, no doubt Motorbeath will be doing its best to stay ahead of the pack.

Rounding out the bill is Skid Road, bringing the debauchery and hard-hitting take on 80s fave, Skid Row, and Contraband, a tribute to Velvet Revolver.

As always, free parking, a dirt-cheap admission of ten bucks, and the opportunity to hang with your fellow rockers. Oh, and those potent drinks, thanks to bartender Gina.



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