Fan of PTAHIL Bites Head Off Rotting Rat During Show

Ritualistically adorning the stage with lamb bones and decaying rats, Indiana black metal miscreants Ptahil are known for their moody, violent and lawless exercises in live musical mayhem. At a recent ceremony at The Brass Rail in Fort Wayne, Indiana, the onstage chaos led one fan to bite the head of a decomposed rodent.

Comments Ptahil drummer, Mhaghnuis: “It is good to see that when a human being is bombarded with specific emotions, smells and sounds that they can commit actions that are normally unthinkable to them. We are proud that our music and presence helped this person do something unthinkable to any current standard of social behavior.”

Added concert attendee/rat nibbler Zac Bau: “I felt it necessary to step outside the rest of the fans behavior and show that it only takes one person to break the monotony of fist-pumping metal fans. Everybody can mosh; everybody can throw the horns but the true metal fan will eat things that the spirit of the moment moves them to no matter the rest of the world’s thoughts on it.”

Video of the event in question can be viewed below. Ptahil recently completed the follow-up to “For His Satanic Majesty’s Glory.” Titled “The Almighty Propagator Of Doom And Despair,” the newest assault of Satanic doom/punk/black metal is slated for release on December 21st, 2012 through Wraith Productions and was written and recorded in acknowledgement to the prison of life and the pursuit of true freedom. Further info to be revealed in the coming weeks.



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