Ex-Bassist Michael Todd of Coheed and Cambria Diagnosed with Cancer

Michael R. Todd, former bassist for Coheed and Cambria pleaded guilty earlier this week to robbing a Walgreens of prescription painkillers. The robbery which took place July 2011 has finally come to a conclusion with Michael Todd being sentenced to one year house arrest, three years probation and on going drug treatment with random drug testing, which in my opinion is still better than jail.

Todd, who was kicked out of Coheed and Cambria following the robbery was also ordered to stay away from the Attleboro pharmacy where the robbery took place. All of this is sad news but¬†unfortunately, we have just reached the tip of the iceberg. According to The Boston Sun Chronicle, Michael Todd has also has been diagnosed with cancer. His lawyer, Jason Benzaker declined to comment on Todd’s health issues.

Source:  MetelInjection.net

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