Heavy Metal Monk Retires

You have all heard about him. He’s the monk who rawks. Italy’s “Brother Metal,” a 63-year-old monk who became famous for singing in a heavy metal band — habit and all — is hanging up his microphone, saying the devil made him too much of a celebrity for his own good.

The white-bearded Cesare Bonizzi, a Capuchin who recorded CDs for a punk label and was the lead singer for the band Fratello Metallo (Metal Brother), said the devil was up to his usual mischief.

“The devil has separated me from my managers, risked making me break up with my band colleagues and also risked making me break up with my fellow monks. He lifted me up to the point where I become a celebrity and now I want to kill him,” the monk said in his farewell video.

The video shows one of the monk’s band members shaving off Bonizzi’s long mane of white hair as a sign of his turning a new leaf on life.

For years Bonizzi performed at concerts wearing his traditional Franciscan brown robe, sandals and white rope around his waist.

His second heavy metal CD was called Mysteries, and was inspired by a group of southern Italian women who sang about the Virgin Mary.

Bonizzi, who fell in love with heavy metal when he attended a Metallica concert some 15 years ago, says fame had put him on the wrong path. But he still thinks heavy metal can be a means to spread the gospel message of peace and love.

“I think that metal is the strength of music itself. Metal is a brother,” he said in the video.

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  1. Ah, Brother Metal, we’re saddened by your decision. It was clear from your recordings and videos that you understood metal. In your own way, you were one of us. But if you thought the metal biz was overwhelming you, then you made the right decision. Even as an atheist, I can admire your decision to do what you needed to do to remain true to your belief. We’ll always have your recordings. We’ll remember you fondly, and you’ll always have our respect as a fellow metalhead. Sola Gratia Dei!

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