Mastodon Launches New Tripped Out Website

Head over to and get ready to have your mind f*cked with! The new MASTODON micro site has just launched and features animation centered around their upcoming album Crack the Skye. The site also features world premiere of the sweeping instrumental, “Oblivion” plus a 60 second snippet of the track “Divinations.”

The new album was produced by Brendan O’Brien (Bruce Springsteen, Stone Temple Pilots, Neil Young) at Southern Tracks Studios in Atlanta, GA. Drummer/lyricist Brann Dailor described the album as more “focused” and told, “Maybe there was a deeper heart to this record that needed more exploring. We got more involved with feeling the vibe of the record and everything feels more creepy and spaced out and something special is going on.”

Crack the Skye hits stores on March 24th.

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