IGNITE’s “Our Darkest Days Live” DVD Hits Stores Today

Our Darkest Days Live, the long-awaited DVD from hardcore stalwarts Ignite hit stores yesterday! This is the band’s first live DVD and features 21 Ignite classics, a behind the scenes documentary and several music videos. The video for “Live For Better Days” from the new DVD can be seen here and the video for “Bleeding” can be seen here.

The Our Darkest Days Live DVD is available through CM Distro and Amazon.

Our Darkest Days Live Track Listing (CD/DVD):
01. Intro
02. Bleeding
03. Fear Is Our Tradition
04. Who Sold Out Now
06. A Place Called Home
05. My Judgement Day
07. Run
08. Are You Listening
09. Let It Burn
10. Bullets Included, No Thought Required
11. Know Your History
12. By My Side
13. Ash Return
14. In My Time
15. Embrace
16. Burned Up
17. Poverty For All
18. Sunday Bloody Sunday
19. Slowdown
20. Live For Better Days
21. Veteran

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