Interview With UK’s The Treatment (Look Forward To Lots More Interviews!)

I guess it is time for me to let the cat out of the bag and tell all seven of my loyal readers and the hundred spammers that come here by accident that I have a new gig doing interviews over at VampireFreaks .  Don’t worry though, I’m not going anywhere here.  You will still get my random ramblings of insight and wisdom about how good, bad or indifferent something is and whether Chad Kroger would put it in his mouth or not.  The only difference is that you will be getting lots more interviews to read now than before.

I recommend that everybody also goes over to VF and makes an account so that they can meet up with other fellow freaks.  You never know, for you guys and girls that are wasting their days over on Facebook pining for social acceptance from people who don’t give a shit about you, it might even get you laid.  Just remember that you’re never going to be as ugly as a 450 pound electrogoth kid, so hang in there buddy, you always have hope.  There you can freely talk about your music without your parents asking you why you worship the devil and meet more like minded individuals who post things more relevant than memes about Nicki Minaj.  With that said I give you my first interview over there:

The Treatment

the treatmentJG: How did you manage to get the opening slot for the Motley Crue and KISS tour? These are two of the most important bands of an entire generation, so obviously they wouldn’t hand it to anybody. Is it great management, a bit of luck, or something else?

MJ: We have absolutely amazing management. Dhani’s dad Laurie manages us and he has been in the business for a long time and knows exactly what he is doing. Our label Spinefarm Records is great too.

JG: You had the honor of working at The Barnyard Studio, which is owned by Steve Harris of Iron Maiden fame, who also happens to be one of the greatest bassists of all time. Did he ever drop in and give any advice?

MJ: Yeah it’s actually a barn in the grounds of his house. It had such a good vibe. He came up and listened while we were mixing the record and he gave us his seal of approval which was amazing for us.

Read The Full Interview Here:

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