Interview With Stolen Babies

Thanks to VampireFreaks I was given the chance to interview Stolen Babies.  While some of you might not know who they are, you will soon when they open for Katatonia, Devin Townsend and Paradise Lost on their upcoming U.S. run:

stolen babiesJG: Did working with bands like Puscifer and Otep delay the making of the new album or is it more about just trying to pay the bills in this economy and letting the music thing sort itself out?

Rani: There was no schedule or obligation to have the new album done in any amount of time, so being apart of other projects, whether they were film scores in my case or playing in Puscifer, didn’t delay the process at all. As far as Otep goes, I only played guitar on a few songs in a period that spanned about a week so just to clarify to all the Wikipedia devotees out there I’m not a member of Otep. That gig came out of our working with Ulrich Wild.

Gil: The timing of the Otep album worked out well because it was produced by Ulrich Wild who was also producing our new album and we were working around his schedule anyway. As soon as I finished tracking drums for Otep, I did the rest of my tracks for Stolen Babies… Being able to pay bills off other projects doesn’t hurt either.

JG: What is the status of the new album? I’ve read it’s going to be sometime this year but that’s about it. Is there a working title or a release date?

Rani: Happy to say we have an official release date of October 16th, 2012. It’s titled ‘NAUGHT’.

Read The Full Interview Here:

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