Ex-Anthrax Vocalist DAN NELSON Settles Lawsuit with Band

Members of Anthrax were in Manhattan Federal Court to settle legal matters with their former vocalist Dan Nelson.

Nelson, who was in the band from 2007-2009, participated in the initial writing and recording sessions for the band’s latest album, Worship Music. Despite his vocals not being used on the record, and several songs being rewritten once the band reunited with longtime vocalist Joey Belladonna, Nelson was suing the band for $2.65 million.

According to several reports, a settlement has now been reached between the parties, although the details have not been disclosed. While it’s highly unlikely Nelson was awarded his requested sum, whatever transpired seemed to have left a bad taste in the mouth of Anthrax’s members. The New York Post reports that bassist Frankie Bello stated, “I’ve got to put a Band-Aid on my tongue from biting it so much,” after leaving the court house.

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