MUNICIPAL WASTE Debuts New Animated Video for “You’re Cut Off”

So you finally realized that MTV’s only other saving grace back in their hey-day (besides Headbangers Ball) was their animation showcase called “Liquid Television,” huh? Well, we’re gonna let you in on a cage match we’d really like to see: a revived Liquid Television vs. Spike and Mike’s Sick and Twisted Festival of Animation. Why? Because only those who truly champion sick animation should be allowed anywhere near the brand-spankin’-new video by Virginia’s speed metal punks Municipal Waste for “You’re Cut Off.” Seriously. If you doubt these wise words, check out our Academy Award nominee for Best Animated Short for yourselves right here.

See? We told you.

“We’ve always wanted to see an animated Waste video and this blew away our expectations,” shares MUNICIPAL WASTE’s very enthused front man Tony Foresta. “I’m stoked that the Wizard came out of his brief retirement to make an appearance as well. I’ve watched this thing over 40 times and I still keep finding hidden gems. If you hated our band before, you are really going to hate us after you witness this beautiful piece of work.”

The animation for “You’re Cut Off” was created by Pierre Mousquet and Jerume Cauwe of IMOV Studios and is a track off of Municipal Waste’s latest album, The Fatal Feast.


Source:  NuclearBlast

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