Slayer – World Painted Blood

This past summer I considered myself extremely lucky as I was able to sit down with drummer extraordinaire DAVE LOMBARDO while SLAYER was out on the Rockstar Energy Mayhem Festival. He was able to give a little insight into what was coming our way when WORLD PAINTED BLOOD would finally hit shelves in the 4th quarter. He talked about that not only did the recording happen at different periods of time, but this time he approached his drumming a bit differently due to reducing the size of his kit as well as all four members were able to work on the songs together and suggest ideas which is something Slayer had not done much of in the past. I left this interview wanting to hear the new album and now it’s out for everyone to hear.

Slayer has unleashed what I am going to call one of their greatest efforts with World Painted Blood as the input of all members is actually heard as the song structure from the title track. The grammy winners also show growth in some of the layering of guitar parts and with some melody exchange between KERRY KING and JEFF HANNEMAN. Although the 2nd track, “Unit 731″, starts off with a riff remiscent of “Chromatic Death” from SOD, the song quickly morphs into a full force attack in true thrash metal fashion which is followed by “Snuff” which blazes ahead with more typical Slayer maniacal guitar leads in the intro which shares a style to the first track we heard from this album being “Psycopathy Red” where vocalist TOM ARAYA gives one hell of a performance. “Beauty Through Order” is a brooding piece which is moody and shows that even being the elder statesmen of their genre, they are still able to step outside their fans expectations which they also do on the track “Playing With Dolls” where the lyrics are as dark as ever.

While whatever Slayer puts out it’s still Slayer, this late in their career many expect a step back yet they actually became adventurours not only with sounds (or a lack of due to a stripped down sound sonically), but with their tempos, layering, spoken vocals, and overall atmosphere which actually comes from the joint effort put forth by all four members. This release is several steps above CHRIST ILLUSION and DIABOLUS IN MUSICA to which were good but didn’t have the career defining songs, World Painted Blood delivers all that Slayer has been and even more!

Rating: 9 / 10
Label: Sony/Columbia/American

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