REIGN OF VENGEANCE Release Video for ‘She’s Best Kept Headless’

Arizona death maniacs Reign of Vengeance have released their music video for ‘She’s Best Kept Headless’. This version is without the story line cut scenes and depicts the band performing within the desert underneath the scorching and tormenting Arizona sun.

Vocalist Marshal “Fucking” Beck comments, “For those of you visually gore obsessed fanatics that version will be coming soon. For now, you’ll have to read the lyrics and allow the demented part of your own mind to visualize the brutal, blood-soaked, and horrifying story line as it unfolds. Olden day style when people actually knew how to read books and use their own imaginations to visualize certain things for themselves. The lyrics are within the description.”

The video for ‘She’s Best Kept Headless’ was shot and edited by Watch below:

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