RADIATION SICKNESS to Play Central Illinois Metalfest This Weekend

On the heels of the June 22nd release of their first studio album in two decades, legendary Indianapolis’ Crusty Crossover Thrashers of the Extreme Radiation Sickness will take their decibel-laden act to the stage at this weekend’s Central Illinois Metalfest at the Canopy Club in Urbana, IL. Radiation Sickness will play Saturday the 14th at 3:00. For fest details and a complete lineup, visit www.facebook.com/centralillinoismetalfest. Abyss Records, who released Reflections of A Psychotic Past as part of their Summer of Sickness Campaign, will be at the fest as an official vendor. www.officialabyssrecords.com

Entitled Reflections of a Psychotic Past, the new album from Radiation Sickness features seven brand new tracks and will also include a re-mastered copy of the 1990 release “The Other Me, A Journey into Insanity”.

A promo video of the song “Tripping in the Seas of Madness” is posted at this location.

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