Throwdown – Deathless

Big time bruisers THROWDOWN are back with their latest release, Deathless, and like always, they are back with something to say.  It’s almost like we have a whole new THROWDOWN here, where in their latter discography (Venom & Tears era) they carry a heavy Pantera and Sepultura influence.  While they’ve crossed over to a more metal side lately, they still have that hardcore attitude and intensity, talking about real life situations, and keeping your head up.  That’s the THROWDOWN that I grew up to love, but it’s great to see them still growing, maturing, and well, deathless.  Their instrumentation has expanded in both brutality and exploring more southern metal riffs, and vocalist Dave Peters (who also contributes guitars on each release) explores new regions to his attack, even singing some pretty good clean vocals now. 

“This Continuum” is pretty much spot on the THROWDOWN that I love to hear.  Straight up raging fury rapid fires on this track and the memorable melodies in the chorus really fit in well.  Thinking THROWDOWN’s new approach in Deathless, “This Continuum” shows the band at their strongest, and all around bad to the bone.  “Black Vatican” is another metallic mosher meant to crush.  The band furiously stomps through the verses with authority, and all of the down tuned chugging is enough to get your horns raised.  There’s even a great bluesy guitar solo that compliments the integrity of the sound, and the transitions are smooth, yet very solid. 

While in my eyes Haymaker is still my favorite THROWDOWN to date, Deathless shows us a fresh THROWDOWN, and is definitely worthy of your attention.  Much respect to THROWDOWN for sticking to their guns for so long, and the band is here to stay.  I’m stoked to see what’s next…

THROWDOWN - Deathless

Rating: 8/10
Label: E1 Music

By Alex Gilbert

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