Chicago’s After the Spire has issued the following announcement about calling it quits:

“After the Spire is no longer. Due to a person ready to move on and step away from music we are regretfully calling it quits. There is no hate amongst us, and we will continue to remain friends and support each other.

“We made one hell of a fucking run in just one year of being together. We recorded two awesome albums, met and shared the stage with tons of musicians. We toured with Sumerian and Metal Blade artists, we were featured on countless websites/blogs/magazines you name it. For this we have to thank you guys, our dedicated fans. We wouldn’t even have made it this far without you guys.

“Due to the sudden change of things, the band as a whole and individuals will more than likely move on from music and start focusing on a life and career for ourselves and families. It truly breaks my heart typing this right now, and I feel even worse for our fans awaiting our next tour, or album or whatever. This band was my life, it was our lives and we’ve all sacrificed a great deal to make this get to were it is today. I’ve posted all our songs up for listening and download.

“Our next and last show will be July 28th at the Badabrew in Crest Hill, IL. Come out for one last time, hang out and say goodbye. To our non local fans we truely love you, and everything you’ve done for us. Metal bleeds through our veins, it will continue to be part of my life, as well as the other musicians. I will not put down my guitar as well as anybody else give up their respected instruments. Thank you guys again, we had a fucking awesome time! These will be the last shows that we play:

July 21st Jj Kellys Lansing, Ill 21+
July 28th Bada Brew Crest Hill, Ill 21+

“Come have a good time with us for the last time.”

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