I WILL BREAK THEE Featured in Sick Drummer Magazine’s Brutal Beatings Compilation

“Coming off our last compilation that featured Trey Williams and Dying Fetus, David McGraw and Cattle Decapitation, Darren Cesca with Seal of Saturn and the legendary Saint Vitus – along with 7 other great bands, we are very excited to release our 10th Brutal Beatings!

This compilation features: Primate – a grind band featuring Kevin Sharp of Brutal Truth, Dave Whitworth & Shayne Huff of Atlanta’s The Despised and Bill Kelliher of Mastodon! This compilation also features the drumming of Andols Herrick on the track from I Will Break Thee and Season of Mist recording artists Carach Angren!”   -SickDrummerMagazine.com

Spread the word about I Will Break Thee and check out the other Sick Drummers!


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