Way To End – Desecrated Internal Journey

Is it just me or has France been absolutely phenomenal lately with their metal?  French black metallers WAY TO END is the next beast to arise, and their latest, Desecrated Internal Journey, expands evil into unimaginable dimensions.  And that by all means is not an understatement.  The band has such a unique train of thought that’s strong, apocalyptic, yet open minded and bloody fucking brilliant.  WAY TO END’s guitar tones are beautiful, and the creative and blasphemous riffs they unleash are complex, while staying metal as fuck.  This atmosphere they create with their music varies from extreme metal riffs, dark ambiance, and dissonance, while the whole time shocking the senses.  I absolutely love the way WAY TO END strategically unleashes their dissonance, for that’s how they are expanding above and beyond.  Desecrated Internal Journey is definitely one of those releases you can play from start to finish, and just get lost within the music. 

“A Step into the Void” takes epic to this whole new level, and introduces us to the beast that is WAY TO END.  With a complete shock to the senses, the band’s disharmonic execution slays its dark path upon the listener.  The guitar tones are incredible as they sneak into the night, and step into the void.  Wow oh wow, I cannot get enough of these riffs.  Well good news, Desecrated Internal Journey has plenty more hidden treasures.  “The Worm” is in all ways epic as fuck!  The intro guitar riff weaves a delicate and spine tingling mood, and while you can see the black metal vibrations, you’re also going to see how unique WAY TO END is.  As “The Worm” progresses, the reflections of darkness come out strong with their obscure structures, mysterious rhythms, and in the depths of it all, you can tell they have an appreciation for the darker classical music from way back when.  “The Worm” and its near flawless composition show WAY TO END at their best, and with Desecrated Internal Journey, WAY TO END already has such a mastered sound!

Hands down this could be my favorite black metal release of 2009, for it’s definitely one of the most creative of the year.  Go buy it now!  With a musical direction as deep as the abyss, I believe WAY TO END are going to keep expanding their sound until they are the chosen leaders.  All hail WAY TO END, and their future is going to be BIG!

dmp0057-05_4 waytoend

Rating: 9.5/10
Label: Debemur Morti Productions
Website: http://www.myspace.com/waytoendmetal

By Alex Gilbert

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