PERIPHERY Breakdown of Track #12 ‘Froggin’ Bullfish’ from New Album “Periphery II”

Periphery has graciously been supplying us with daily breakdowns of each track from their new album Periphery II.  They’ve hit track #12 “Froggin’ Bullfish”.    Check out band founder Misha Mansoor’s comments about this track.  Head here to check out the track.

“I originally wrote this song in 2009 on a whim one day. I believe Tom Murphy was supposed to come over to work on some songs, but ended up canceling on me leaving me with nothing to do, so I decided to record on my own. It was a while ago, so I don’t really remember exactly what I was going for, but i really dug the idea of a song having a nice triplet/shuffle feel to it, and I also remember thinking the song was sounding pretty Nobuo-ish at times, so I definitely ran with that. I’ll admit that the middle part of the song is heavily influenced by the FF7 slums theme (Where Cloud goes dress shopping) because it felt oh so right haha. It kinda sat there for a while, as this was before Spencer was in the band, and none of our previous singers felt inspired by it, but when Spencer first took a stab at it he ended up demoing ideas that really breathed new life into the song, and those ideas made it to the final version. This is another song that he just manages to hit all the notes I wanted to hear, and it made it feel like a fresh song even though the original arrangement was untouched. It is definitely one of the quirkier songs on the album overall, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a song has to grow on the listener for them to really get into it, but this is one of my favorite songs that Periphery has put out just because it really doesn’t sound like anything else we have done to me, and I don’t even know how I would ever approach writing a song in this style again.”

1. Muramasa
2. Have a Blast – Guthrie Govan guest solo
3. Facepalm Mute
4. Ji
5. Scarlet
6. Luck as a Constant
7. Ragnarok
8. The Gods Must Be Crazy!
9. Make Total Destroy
10. Erised (Feat. John Petrucci Guest Solo)
11. Epoch
12. Froggin’ Bullfish
13. Mile Zero (Feat. Wes Hauch Guest Solo)
14. Masamune


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