Children of Bodom’s Jaska Raatikainen has given a tour recap, with features additional information about front man Alexi Laiho’s hospital stay in Norway.  You can see the whole recap here.

“I am writing this last blog of the summer tour little late but wanted to tell about what happened in the last days on it. It feels different now when everything happened a few weeks ago. Luckily we were so close to end and had a chance to play most of the shows. Unfortunately the shows in Oslo and Malmö were canceled, as well as one of the two festivals we were supposed to play in Finland. Canceling a show is always such an unpleasant thing to do and it is frustrating when it happens. COB is not a band that easily cancels a show.

“The half way of the tour is usually the worst and toughest one. You know how long you have already been on tour and you know what there is yet to come. This tour was quite easy and short for us and like I told before I enjoy touring in Europe especially in the summer, although I got a little sick at some point, which was not that nice. When the tour is coming to its end I start hoping that there would be little more nice countries and cities you could visit. You hope it wouldn´t have ended so soon.

“We played this one festival, Basinfirefest in Czech Rebublik. It was weird mix of folk and metal festivals. Very hot and nice athmosphere though. Good crowd. Finnish band called Apocalyptica also played there after us and it was nice to see friends playing.

“The next day I woke up to bright sunshine. It didn´t only look hot outside, it really was very hot. We were in Dischingen at the festival called Rock Am Härtsfeldsee. Nice little village festival again. That day we did a signing session which was something special to our normal daily routines. Only funny thing was that almost every fan spoke German to us. When we spoke English to them they were quiet or kept talking German. I learned the basics of German in school and we have had German crew guys so we all understand something.


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