MACHINE HEAD Releases Video for “Darkness Within”

Machine Head has made a truly epic, over-the-top video for “Darkness Within,” from their latest album Unto the Locust, which you can check it out right now, exclusively at!

They’ve also got a statement about the creation of the video from Robb Flynn, which reads in part:

“We shot it over 6 days in Prague with a great company called Meija Productions, I co-directed it along withMilan Basel and Jorge Nunez. It was shot in 3 locations: downtown Prague, a small village called Krashov (which means ‘fadeless’), an awesome rock bar in Prague run by a great dude named Jakob called Mighty Bar, and briefly at the infamous Bone Church in Korta Huna.

“The scenes in front of and inside St. Vitus cathedral were shot on location; we actually snuck into St Vitus at 6:30 AM to shoot the scenes and got kicked out by a very angry, eerily calm priest, who walked up to us with unblinking eyes locked, and said four words that chilled me to the bone: ‘You must leave now.’ My director of photography protested, and in the same intensely calm voice, the priest stared into our souls and repeated, ‘You must leave now.’

“I was f—in’ outta there!

“The rest was shot in a small village about 5 hours outside of Prague where myself and our man-of-many-hats Pando stayed with me in what we called ‘the Russian bunker,’ a hotel (really a converted farmhouse) that was straight out of post-World War II Russia; no heater, woodburning stove, but it was homey with a friendly non-English-speaking staff. The church we filmed in had been abandoned for about 100 years, but still had German plaques from when the Germans still controlled that part of the Czech Republic. It was f—ing cold!! 3 days in a row we shot 20-hour days, getting 3 hours of sleep, wake up and repeat. I talked some locals (an all-girl horse breeding team) into hiring their horses to us, and they rode them nearly 4 miles to where we were, and they were bad-ass horses, much like the ladies who rented them.”

Read the whole thing, and watch the video, now!

The deluxe edition of Unto the Locust contains two versions of “Darkness Within”: the album version, and a special acoustic version. Grab a copy from the Roadrunner webstore!

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