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eye empireOver at VampireFreaks I caught up with Donald Carpenter, the lead singer of Eye Empire.  He is out on the road kicking ass every night and letting the masses get a taste of their debut album, Impact.

JG: So how do you feel about getting the “supergroup” term since everybody is from so many bands?

DC: It’s a remainder of the dying business. It’s the way that people like to word things in order to market them up and hype things. It’s one of the things we love about our situation. We’re earning every bit of our respect by going out and doing it. It’s not something where people get an impression because there’s words like supergroup and things like that attached to it. We feel like people are here and supporting us because they come out to the live shows and see how passionate and how real it is and they hear it and feel it in our music. They take ownership of it and they spread the word. So things like that, I don’t even know if people pay attention. It’s so cliché and kind of easy, and for us it doesn’t really seem too warranted. I think everybody would agree that it would take a certain level of success to earn that type of name.

JG: I didn’t know if it was a lot to live up to since everybody gets that title even if they’ve been in bands that never really made a name for themselves.

DC: Like I said, it’s a sensationalizing type of society. We understood that when you start a new band there’s not much to live up to except for your own expectations because it’s a brand new band. A lot of these guys are finding this out when they’re moving on to try other projects. Regardless of who you are and what your success has been, you still have to go out and prove what the new sound is.

JG: Are you guys already planning another album or is that way down the road after touring?

DC: Yeah, this one just got released. Even though some of us have been around for a while supporting it, we want to see what it’s got. We need to give all of these songs a fair chance. As far as we’re concerned we’re never really finished writing, we’re always creating and stockpiling ideas. I was just talking to Corey this morning, we’ll have an album worth of material by the end of this year for sure. Whenever we actually take the time to stop and record it and put it out, we’re not sure. But we’ll have the ability to release some spot songs every now and again.

JG: Why didn’t you just do an EP after the regular release of the one disc album? Was the double disc just your idea of being awesome?

DC: Yeah, that was an option. It was something we mulled over. For us the impact was minimal. It was a few thousand, 10, 20, 30, whatever the social networking says as far as our impact. There’s a lot of people out there that don’t know and this is a gigantic cornucopia of music that is all brand new for them. The ‘I Pray’ and ‘Feels Like I’m Falling’, ‘The Great Deceivers’. All these songs we’ve been holding to our hearts for a while, they have yet to affect a lot of folks out there still. We just felt like it would be a little more creative and eye catching to slam everything together and put some brand new stuff nobody has heard and some extra goodies on there.

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