Design a SLIPKNOT Poster and Win $500! has announced a contest – they’re asking people to design a poster for Slipknot, and the winner gets $500! You have to join the site to enter, but it’s free, so get on it! Here’s a fuller explanation, from Clown:

“Hello to all of our fans out there, everywhere in the world. As you probably already know Slipknot is embarking on a one of a kind tour this summer, the Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival and culminating with the first annual Knotfest in Iowa and Minnesota on August 17th and 18th. Since this will be the last tour for just a little while, we decided to do something very special for all of you while we patiently await a new record (which will come sooner than you think).

“We have put together a special collection of our songs that takes you through our thought process over the span of four albums. One of the greatest things about this collection is that it has been put into a specific order by the band. It will be a unique way to listen to our songs by yourself or with your best friends and follow our lives while recording four albums over twelve years. This truly will be a one of a kind experience. Also, as you know when we release an album of any kind we give you new art to twist your mind around in circles, making you think and create visions related to the songs you are listening to. This has always been important to band because everything we do has a precise intended concept connected to it.

“With this said, we’ve decided to let you open up your mind and love for our band, our connection to all of you, which makes up a one-of-a-kind culture under the name Slipknot. We want you to create an original piece of art in poster form that explains what you have felt, imagined, and gone through over the span of our four records. We know how personal our music is to us so we know it’s equally as personal to you. Open up your creative floodgates and let the pain of love out onto tangible art forms and make a poster describing your connection with our band, albums, songs, art, performance, and most importantly with our culture that begins with you. We,Slipknot, patiently await your visions. This will be a new way to connect with one another and for everyone to enjoy the culture we have built. We await and are very excited for this project that is inspired by art that only the school of Slipknot would assign to all of you. This will be one big saturated dream. Thanks for everything. We love each and every one of you. Again, get to work already.”

The contest ends August 31; all the information you need, including specs and rules, is right here. Good luck!

Slipknot’s first-ever compilation, Antennas to Hell, is available everywhere now; get the single-disc version for $9.99 or the two-disc version for $11.99 at all F.Y.E. locations, or grab the three-disc version (which includes a DVD with all the band’s music videos and more) from the Roadrunner webstore!

Slipknot tour dates run through August 18; find a show near you!

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