Free Download of Compilation Album ‘Axis Of The Underground’ via Axis of Metal

Axis Of Metal is releasing the first volume of the Axis Of The Underground compilation album!

Axis Of The Underground is going to be an on-going effort that will be a collection of releases that contain some of the purest and most exciting heavy metal from all the many facets of heavy music.

Volume one is a twenty-two track metal opus that encompasses twenty-two bands spanning from thrash metal, black metal, power metal, progressive metal, doom metal and many different varieties of death metal. The Axis Of The Underground is two hours of uncompromising metal from emerging artists who are true their craft and decimate all who stand before them.

Axis Of The Underground is 100% free to download and stream via the Bandcamp player link below.

Axis Of The Underground Vol. 1

1) Oshiego – In Death, My Dominion
2) Untimely Demise – Virtue In Death
3) Shattered Destiny – Epilogue
4) Grand Master – Moonlit Cemetery
5) Plutonium – The Misery King
6) Dissentient – Black Hole Machine
7) Condition Critical – Time Wave Zero
8) Esoteric Doctrine – Police State
9) Titans Eve –Destined To Die
10) Resurgency – Psychosis
11) Accursed Spawn – Devoid Of Conscience
12) Void Forger – Relief
13) The Isosceles Project – Temporal Laceration
14) Omia – While Your Dreams Sleep Deeply
15) Malfeitor – Sojourn Hell
16) Grenouer – Fix Your Life
17) Sonic Pulse – Sonic Pulse
18) The Rough Boys – Hell For Leather
19) Dig Your Graves – Death’s Dogs
20) Ectovoid – Chewing Through The Membranes Of Time And Space
21) Randomorder – The Dark Science
22) Nephelium – Merciless Annihilation

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